Fatbiking winter 2019/2020

Fatbikeadventure with guiding

Join us on an unforgettable tour and experience the landscape from the fatbike. On our tours you never know in advance where you will end up. We take it as it comes, but it will give a smile on your face that is for sure! Enjoyment is what we strive for on our tours, please take a coffee thermos and some food with you … it will taste the best when you go on a tour in the northern part of Värmland.

Guided trip 1-3 hours

  • Per person, SEK  650

Guided trip 3-5 hours

  • Per person, SEK  850

The time for the tours may sound a lot, but it depends mostly on the lower speeds that apply, which makes them feel relatively long. The tours are all from 10-20 km, but at most 25 km (depending on the group).